Belly piano

I’ve been playing the piano for almost as long as I remember. I definitely have been listening to the piano for as long as I know: my father was not only playing when I was laying in my bed as a young kid, but also while I was slowly growing in the belly of my mother. The piano has played an important part in my life since then.

The piano is no traveller

In the last years I saw a new side of myself come out: the traveller side. On the two year trip that I finished only last summer, there was little place for the piano. I traveled with a new love: the accordion. I learned more and more to trust the path, to let go of expectations, and to embrace the moment. Of course: wherever I found a piano, in a bar, or the living rooms of people I met, the attraction was still undeniable. My fingers still magically floated away on all the keys I found. But still, for these travelling years the piano played a small part only.

Piano Solo

Being back in the Netherlands with all travel memories in my head, almost pouring out, I reconnected with the piano. I took time to play, and to develop the musical ideas that I had been collecting mostly on the road with the voice recorder of my smartphone.

The result is this piano album: Baragan – Piano Solo (where does that name Baragan come from?). It’s been recorded on the same piano that my father played before I was born, the same piano that I pling-plonged on as a kid, learned to play on later. I hope you will enjoy the sound of this Bechstein.

Travel stories

While performing these melodies live, I like to tell the travel stories behind them. I’ll also write more of them down here in the coming months. Find them here. I hope your imagination will already help you visiting all the beautiful places, people and moments that these melodies are about.

Enjoy, and please know that all comments and likes and shares are very much appreciated!

(If you want to give some support financially, please buy the album from for €5 or more)


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Baragan – Piano Solo – musical stories to make your mind travel

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      I’ll have to start writing again! Thanks for reminding me! Probably something about the bridge between imagination and reality…


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