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After all this wandering around with my accordion in the last two years, I felt it was time to wander a bit less. So now I live at one place again. How’s that for an idea! Living at one place. Seems lot’s of people do it. And they manage somehow. I will too I believe.

In my mind are all these tunes collected and melodies created in the last two years on these southern roads, whirling through all these Mediterranean countries. It is for this music that I decided to find some more quiet water, so that these ideas can settle. Hopefully having a new base camp, here in Amsterdam, staying more or less at one place, will mean that my songs and compositions will root in the coming winter and then flower in the next spring!

Back to reality. Here I am, in Amsterdam, cappuccino next to me is the only thing that reminds me of the beautiful Italian countryside that brought me inspiration. This is me reading about music business, streaming music profits, management, revenue streams, promotion, photo shoots,  playlist algorithms, what have you. What a new perspective! In a way navigating through this world is as exciting and unknown as the many forest paths I walked. Lets see where I end up.

For now, mostly to remind myself of the warmer south while the rain is pouring down on the roof of my current working space in the Hallen in Amsterdam, here’s a reminder of the Spanish landscape in the form of a piano composition I made, called “Brenda la Policia”.


Art of Piano Recording

And for you piano lovers that can’t get enough: I’m quite happy to be part of the “art of piano recording” group that publishes nice playlists every season, so check out our autumn playlist here:


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Being a musician: back to Work/School

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