Public Piano’s in Amsterdam

With Baragan’s first Piano Solo album coming up, I like to also share some places where to make that music. After years of traveling, I’m living in Amsterdam now. If you know where to find them, there are quite some playable piano’s here. Hey, it’s always fun to play on a new instrument, in a new environment! Some of the acoustics where these piano’s live you will not find at home, unless you’re a princess and you’re living in a castle of course…


I want to update this list with more piano’s soon, please leave a comment if you know places I should go check out.

The Amsterdam Piano Map

The Amsterdam Piano List

Checked and confirmed:
  • Amsterdam Central Station
  • Public Library OBA
  • Gebroeders Niemeijer
  • Cafe Belcampo
  • Gallery Beeldend Gesproken
I didn’t check these ones yet:
  • Café Kletskop
  • Toon
  • Zaal 100

Where did they come from?

I love the public piano’s that have appeared on the train stations in the Netherlands in the last years. I don’t know where this public-piano-idea first started, but I first encountered piano’s on French train stations.

Anyway, I really love to play on public piano’s, and that why I wanted to make this list of piano’s in public places in Amsterdam, where you can go and play a few notes!

Contact me!

If you know another piano that’s aching to be played, that’s not yet on the list! Or if you found one, let me know what you thought of it!

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Public Piano’s in Amsterdam

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